October is busy and it hasn't even started

Wrapping up more work for the Not Forgotten Anthology, so sadly Curseproof is still on the back burner. Moving forward though you will be able to catch me Oct 26th at Verve, put on by RAW Artists here in San Francisco. Also I'll be a featured artist at the first ever AlienCon down in Santa Clara the 28th-30th. Lots of great bay area artists will be there, and a few visiting out of state I can't wait to see again! Tickets are still available for Verve on the 26th. Remember if you buy a ticket now and you put your support in for me, you get a free print of your choice! Be sure to grab them up soon, it's going to be a great night of art and partying! Definitely get in touch with me ASAP if you grab one up so I can get you your print. Thank you to everyone who's already thrown in their support!